We present to you the 10 best payment processing services and payment gateways in India! Go for the one that works for you and your business!

If you are running a small business, startup or brand, it could be a real challenge to choose a payment processing service and payment gateway for your online store.

Payment gateway provides are one of the most important technologies ever designed. These solutions are literally gateways to a vast selection of benefits that had changed the face of business and finance.

With so many popular and powerful payment gateways on the market, how does one know he has selected the right one? This decision is always a tough one, which is why we’ve decided to step up.

  1. Stripe: An online payment platform that was created by experts who have partnerships with the payment industry such as local banks, the PCI Council, major card networks, and etc. Signing up is fast and trouble-free.
  2. PayPal Payments Pro: This is PayPal’s most successful attempt to present a payment processing service for online users that don’t have a PayPal account. You can count on fast mobile payments, custom checkout, quick access to your money, and integrated payment gateway.
  3. Amazon Payments: Amazon marketplace offers a simplified and secure payment service for its users. The service can be used by both shoppers and merchants.
  4. Shopify Payments: With Shopify Payments, you can capture payments instantly. If you already are a Shopify user, your Shopify Payments gateway is automatically accessible through your online store. You can accept all major credit cards without any delays.
  5. Braintree: This is an all-in-one payment processing partner for businesses from all niches and scales. It allows clients to process, accept, send, and split payments.
  6. Authorize.net: One of the most popular and needed payment processor in the retail environment. If you are looking for a flexible gateway solution that operates like order management practices, look no further as this one is perfect for you.
  7. WePay: An integrated payment gateway created to support POS, omnichannel, and web-based requirements of software systems.
  8. BlueSnap: A payment processes that allows payments for online business, website development, and mobile. It is a dedicated payment processor for retailers and merchants.
  9. Skrill: A relatively new, but successful UK_based service designed for individuals and businesses.
  10.  PayU: This product is designed by an Indian payment processing corporation and it is one of the simplest solutions on the market.

Make the final selection based on your business needs, budget, and goals!