With the Shopify POS Retail package, all Shopify users can provide a full retail store shopping experience! Read and discover all the features included in the Shopify Retail plan!

We present to you Shopify for Retail – the ideal ecommerce solution for all retailers out there. With the Shopify platform and Shopify POS, you can offer your customers retail shopping experience, allowing them to purchase your products with just a few clicks.

The Shopify users may use a barcode printer to print barcodes for products, add products to the shopping cart just by scanning the barcode, print receipts with the receipt printer, offer paper gift cards for the customers, gift receipts, and more.

The Shopify POS Retail Package gives you all the features you need to manage your online store. These features are intended to help you provide a better shopping experience. The majority of the features work with Shopify POS (Point of Sale) for iPad.

If you use Shopify Point of Sale system for Android or iPhone device, you can upgrade to the Shopify POS Retail plan to use a swipe card reader with gift cards and third-party gateway.

The Main Features Included in The Shopify POS Retail Package

Here are some of the features included in the Shopify POS Retail Package:

  • Hardware: Receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer are supported by the Shopify platform.
  • Print receipts: You can print customized receipts at the checkout.
  • Gift receipts: You can provide your customers with gift receipts.
  • Physical gift cards: You can sell physical gift cards.
  • Register shifts: You can use Shopify’s register shifts to balance the cash drawer on daily basis and hold employees accountable for the finances they’ve handled/
  • POS-supported payment providers: All Shopify users can use the Swipe card reader with a Point of Sale-supported payment provider.
  • Cash tracking: Now you can easily track your cash flow and manage your daily totals.
  • Staff permissions: As a business owner, you can allow limited permissions for your employees (employees who have POS PIN)
  • Saved carts: The customers can save a cart during the checkout process, and retrieve it later.

Besides these features, the Shopify POS Retail plan includes hardware components such as Apple AirPort Wi-Fi Extender, barcode scanner, barcode printer, credit card reader, cash drawer, iPad stand, receipt printer, physical gift cards, and a complete hardware kit.

Ready to try the Shopify POS Retail Package?

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